2012/09/15 | LIFESTYLE








"Autumn Festival" of my Beloved Town

As of September 15th, the sweltering heat of the summer is yet to cease this summer. But as scheduled in the calendar, "Autumn Festival" "Hatonomori Shrine Grand Festival" will take place this weekend in the Jingu-Gaien area of Sendagaya where I live.

This is a tiny festival that takes place every year in a super-urban corner of the town with only a Dashi (a small hand pulled parade float) for the small children, a tiny tiny Mikoshi (a portable parade shrine carried on shoulder by a group of people) for older children, and several adult Mikoshi. How amazingly well mannered these Mikoshi carriers are… I have never seen such a well-behaved Mikoshi parade. The Mikoshi carriers never get drunk, rowdy or go shirtless, but simply parade to the rhythm of the whistle chanting “soiya! soiya!” through the neighborhoods of Jingumae, Sendagaya 2-chome(block) and 3-chome.

It’s inevitable to think that this festival is quiet in comparison to Asakusa’s Sanja Festival (one of the largest annual festivals in Japan) held in May, but in this area with few residents, children, young parents and the elders deeply rooted to the neighborhood put on their Happi (special acket-syle kimono for festivals) and Jika-tabi (traditional socks with soles) and enjoyed the annual autumn festival. Keep it up, guys! Let’s hope this festival will never fade-out… it’s a tradition.